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About Me

Music has been the foundation for me since the age of 10. Growing older I found that story telling through multiple mediums was my true passion and have been practicing video production since high-school. I have a split major in Audio/Video production from The Evergreen State College (Bachelor Degree) and have worked with a wide range of clients on different projects. 

Video Production

Starting in high school video production class, I've always loved taking stories and turning them into media that can be enjoyed. 

From IRL Vlogs, Reaction Videos, Music Videos, and Fictional Vlog episodes, I've had a lot of fun making video content.

Check out my latest Editing Reel and book me below

Music Production

I've worked with an array of artists on anything from hip-hop/rap instrumentals or background music for YouTube videos or commercial video content. Some of the music in this playlist is also original music for my own enjoyment. 

Electronic Portfolio

EDM - Dubstep

Instrumental Portfolio 

Rap  - Hip-Hop  - Lo-Fi 

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Other Projects

I'm also involved with many other projects! Check them out below

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