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After my apprenticeship with a hi-hop/EDM producer, I spent 3 months producing original music before my computer crashed and I lost all of my original project files. These are the remaining exported songs that I had uploaded. 


Dollhouse Album Cover.jpg

This was my first major music release. The entire album was produced, mixed master by me. The album has been taken offline due to technical disagreements after the release but here are several instrumentals from the album, including 2 full songs that include only my original work. I've removed 2 instrumentals from the album out of respect and wishes of the co-artist. 



Following the "Michelob Ultra" Series on my YouTube channel, this video is a spinoff from the fictional mystery surrounding the "disappearance" of my business partner and "Dr. Eye", a fictional character I created during my Doll House Era. 

My Ukulele

Proceeding the season finale of my second IRL Vlog Series, I released the "My Ukulele" Video, Produced by Alison LeDuc. 

2021 Logo.png

O. vi is a side project and alter Ego I created to express an electronic rock genre and fictional character I created and featured on a fictional episode of my vlog series about my guitar being stolen at an open mic.

I also released 2 original music videos in 2021, Honey-Bee and Fall For You. Music recorded and produced by Bobby Dellarocco at the recording studio at Sweetwater Sound. 

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