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Replacement QR/NFC

Replacement QR/NFC

Excluding Sales Tax

THIS IS NOT THE FULL WIFI CONNECT FRAME. This is a replacement insert. If you have changed your WiFi credentials, you will need a new NFC and QR code. We will send you a new insert for your frame and all you have to do is switch them out.


In order to configure your Wi-Fi Connect Frame, we simply need your home or business Wi-Fi credentials. Please read full details at bottom of page


    We do not share this information with anyone HOWEVER it is important to know that the network name and password will be available to read for anybody that scans the QR code or uses the NFC Tap feature. For most cases, this isn't an issue if were already intending to share your Wifi passcode anyway. We recommend using a Guest Wifi Network when sharing with friends and family, in order to protect your main home network, but it is not a requirement. Our product will work on any traditional wifi netork.


    After you complete your order, you will be taken to the "Wifi Credential Form". If this form is not complete, we cannot configure your Wifi Frame, and will thus delay getting it shipped to you until that form is complete. No refunds are garaunteed for lack of filling out the Wifi Credential Form.


    If you change the Network Name or Password of your Wi-Fi, you will need to get a new QR and Tap Tag encoded for your new network settings.  We have replacement NFC/QR codes that you can order from our shop. 


    **Please DOUBLE CHECK that the SSID and Password are entered correctly. If either field is entered incorrectly your Tap it! product will NOT work correctly and a refund will not be issued.**

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