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Academic History


DJ Apprenticeship

At the age of 16 I was taken under a DJ apprenticeship. I started working in clubs and moved into high-school dances and weddings. I've helped set up, break down and also performed as an MC and DJ for over 100 events. 




Electronic Music Apprenticeship

For 2 years I spent watching over the shoulder of a close friend creating hip-hop instrumentals and dubstep music, which eventually led him to perform venues in LA, Denver, and Paris. He eventually helped me obtain the tools to begin producing music on my own. Click below to check out my music portfolio.

2015 - 2019

The Evergreen State College

Originally starting my collegial years in the field of natural sciences, I found that music was my true passion and dedicated the rest of my time to music and video production. Starting out on an API mixing board and eventually graduating to a full Neve Console, I got to record through the industries most famous microphones and using high-end outboard gear to mix and master my projects. The education included a lot of hands on experience with analog synthesizers and industry leading DAWs. 

tesc 1.jpg
tesc 2.jpg

In the field of video production I learned many roles to fulfil my degree. From pre-production through post production, I lead and produced several projects that included recruiting production teams from my colleagues. Skills learned included, storyboarding, writting a film treatment, use of professional video camcorders ,cameras including DSLR cinematography, gimbals, professional lighting and sound equipment, proper file management, use of gimbals and other external camera gear. You can watch several of my video projects from school in the video player below. 

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tesc video 1.jpg

Orion College

Orion College

Orion College
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Orion's Music Vlog #1 - Electronics in Music

Orion's Music Vlog #1 - Electronics in Music

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The Music Industry: A Brief History (Music Business: Episode One)

The Music Industry: A Brief History (Music Business: Episode One)

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A short Film - The Book Crook: Directed by Orion Valencia

A short Film - The Book Crook: Directed by Orion Valencia

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TC Media Internship

TC Media (Thurston Community Media)  is Olympia's Local Public Television Broadcast studio. Over the summer I helped lead an animation workshop for middle school and high school kids. We taught them how to use iPads to create drawing animation, stop motion, rotoscoping, as well as editing and how to record audio. I was also in charge of editing the final projects into a final showcase for parents to watch at the end of the camp. 



Sweetwater University

The unaccredited, yet absolutely authentic Sweetwater University certificate comes from my time of being a Sales Engineer at Sweetwater Sound. After 13 weeks of the industries most intensive and comprehensive music training program, with courses led directly by representatives from the largest music and audio companies, I am confident in my knowledge in Music Instruments and Live Sound to be well above most. I now have extensive knowledge in areas ranging anywhere from Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Band and Orchestra instruments, to live sound PA Systems and wireless IEM and Microphone systems, to professional DJ mixers, synthesizers, including studio recording consoles, mixers, microphones, outboard gear, and even the industries leading DAWs, like Pro-Tools, Logic, Ableton, Studio One and FL Studio. 

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